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$111M for the Next Generation of Champions

Updated: Mar 2, 2022


At Serena Ventures we envision a world in which genius isn’t stifled by a lack of resources. A future in which historically overlooked people and markets are empowered for a more inclusive economy. Today we’re excited to share that we’ve raised an inaugural fund of $111M to continue pursuing our mission.

We invest in founders who solve everyday problems through unconventional thinking and diverse points of view. Writing the check is only the start. As pre-seed through Series A investors, we are true accomplices. Our unparalleled network of partners across distribution, marketing, and sales is why founders continue to choose us.


We’re building off momentum, with nine years of angel investing under our belt, and successes including 13 unicorns and six exits. Our investments include fintech disruptors Propel and Cointracker, edtech giants Masterclass, and consumer product innovators Billie and Daily Harvest.

Managing a portfolio of over 60 angel investments has yielded core learnings that inform our Fund I strategy and will inform how we operate moving forward:

  1. We bet on founders who are not only obsessed with what they’re building, but whose passion is informed by their lived experience

  2. We invest in overlooked, underestimated, and fledgling markets - we are a non traditional investment team and our perspectives give us an edge

  3. Our network is unmatched and we are uniquely positioned to add value in ways other firms simply cannot

  4. We have skin in the game for our founders, and we’ll answer every call and make every effort to help them succeed

"I have been so impressed with Serena Ventures and the extraordinary mentorship and support they provide entrepreneurs. Serena has built an exceptional team of diverse experts with branding expertise and strategic advice to help founders as they navigate building their companies. With unique backgrounds and experiences, Serena Ventures brings an incredible network -- a network of which I am honored to be a part of. I am excited to support their growth," said Anne Wojcicki, CEO & Co-Founder of 23andMe and a limited partner in Serena Ventures.


In an ecosystem where solo women founders receive 2% of venture funding and Black founders receive 1.2%, we break the mold. We don’t require founders to come from historically underrepresented backgrounds, yet 76% of our portfolio founders do. We bet on the best founders, period.


Our portfolio companies are already building the more inclusive future we’re working towards. Esusu - a fintech startup that provides data solutions and rent reporting to build credit for those who may not have access to it - is leading the way as our first unicorn. Their success proves what we’re betting on -- that products and services for those who’ve previously been left out of the mainstream economy are the future.

Our conviction in overlooked markets extends beyond demographics to legacy industries. Calico - an AI-powered supply chain solution - is leading the historic shift of trillion dollar supply chains, enabling brands to circumvent traditional challenges with an efficient end-to-end solution. We are excited by the new crop of startups that are bringing Silicon Valley innovation to analog markets.


As a team of mostly women who come from diverse backgrounds and lived experience, we’re used to looking at problems differently than most in our industry. We share an unrelenting drive to succeed with the founders we work alongside.

We’re led by our founding general partners, Serena Williams and Alison Rapaport Stillman, who’ve built an impressive team of operators, marketers, and investors. As an elite athlete, entrepreneur, and angel investor, Serena knows what it takes to win, and personally understands the founder journey in a way that few people in the world can. She’s uniquely suited to advise the entrepreneurs we work with. With over a decade of finance experience, Alison brings a unique sense for leveraging talent and talent networks for venture backed companies. Previously at J.P .Morgan, Wasserman, and Melo7 Tech Ventures, she’s a seasoned venture capitalist with deep expertise in and passion for healthcare, consumer, e-commerce, and fintech investing.

Abir Liben, who joined us two years ago and has been integral to our transition from angel office to institutional fund, has been promoted to Principal. Abir provides a full-stack of experience from raising to deploying capital, and is our boots on the ground leading deals in fintech, crypto, healthcare, and ecommerce enablement.


The venture capital ecosystem needs an inclusive player with the platform necessary to enact change at scale, and this fund gives us an opportunity to take our mission to the next level.

We’re thrilled to be joined on this journey by our incredible limited partners including Norwest, Capital G, Kapor Foundation, and Liontree, among others. The best is yet to come.



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